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Spaghetti with Pefecta sausage and tomato sauce


-         1 pack of spaghetti

-      1 can of  tomato sauce

-      Pefecta sausages

-      1 onion, some minced garlic

-      Spices, seasoning powder, black pepper


Step 1
Make a small vertical cut at the head of each sausage for easier seasoning absorption.


Step 2:
Boil some spaghetti


Step 3:
Heat the pan with some cooking oil, quick fry some minced garlic until it is aromatic. Then add chopped onion and some seasoning powder.


Step 4:
Add the tomato sauce in

Add spaghetti then stir well, make the final seasoning and cook in 5-10 mins more

Put into a place with some black pepper.

Good luck!