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Rice with ham rolls


2 bowls of cooked rice, a half of carrot, a half of bell pepper, a half of onion, dried seaweed, cooking oil, some thin sliced ham.

Preparation method:


Chop onion, carrot and bell pepper into small cubes.

Heat some cooking oil. Stir-fry diced onion and carrot until done then add bell pepper in. Rapidly stir-fry in more 30 seconds.

Add rice into pan, add some seasoning powder. If you want a nice yellow color for rice, just add some soybean sauce or add an egg. Add the final seasonings as your preference. Stir-fry until tightly twisted, and then turn off the cook.

Quick fry the ham slices in a pan. 

Leave the stir-fried rice for a moment to reduce the heat. Press cooked rice into a ball that is smaller than ham slices.

Cut seaweed into long pieces with the width of 1 cm.

Place a ham slice on each rice ball, use the long seaweed piece to tightly wrap the rice ball and serve the dish.

The meal is just like a snack and give a nice lunch. It is also a good choice for a picnic food.